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Are you looking for a professional teacher that can help you be an even better flute player? Are you a teacher looking for prospective students? Below are featured fine teachers who are able to reach out to a global audience via the internet.

How does it work? Simple!

Teachers who would like to submit a profile for this page must contact for details.

Students can make contact with teachers directly from this page. Students and teachers can arrange to meet via Skype or some other online video chat service. All financial transactions between teacher and student are private and take place outside of the Flute Portal (PayPal being the obvious choice).

NOTE: Both teacher and student need to have functioning web cams with audio and video, and they are responsible for knowing how to use them. Web cams these days are pretty inexpensive and straightforward to use.


Are you a professional teacher? Whether for flute, drum, didgeridoo or another instrument, for a modest fee, you can be featured in our Teachers listings on a month-to-month or yearly basis! Contact Flute Portal Admin to arrange for your profile listing!

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