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Iris and Jim Moon

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Jim and I were both musicians when we were young. I (Iris), was a flute and opera vocal major in college and Jim played in a Chicago inspired band when younger. We are, now, in our 50's and 60's.

About a year ago, we began casting around looking for a hobby we could share in our retirement. While I still play silver flute, I find the technical aspects, while challenging, not the kind of relaxing activity I wanted in retirement. We looked at the Chinese dizi, the shakuhachi, and other ethnic flutes, but found all of these required more concentrated effort to learn than we wanted. One day, almost as if led, we "bought" a free Native American flute cd from Amazon. We fell in love.

In July, we bought our first Gm "First Flute" from Brent at Woodsounds, followed almost immediately with an F#. Very quickly, Jim rediscovered Garageband and started making backing tracks. This evolved into a little homebased recording set up and we have enjoyed making music together. Jim is, currently, trying to decide what flute he would like to try out. Some of our recordings are backed by Jim's more complex tracks and some of them by Iris' more simple ones.

We do this for fun, only, although we've found that whenever we take a flute outside and noodle around, people are drawn to it. We live in a small town in SW Virginia where this kind of thing is the norm - people playing instruments or singing on the sidewalks just for the sheer joy of it.

We look forward to a number of new flutes in our near future. We hope you enjoy some of our amateur efforts.