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Eugene Sukhorukov

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Eugene began his music career in late 70's in Europe, studying accordion at the music class. In early 80's Eugene dropped the music and began Yoga and Martial Arts training.

After moving to the US in mid-90's, Eugene came back to the idea of studying music as a way to contribute meditation, and this time the instrument of choice was the flute. Recorder, Dizi, Bansuri, Hall Crystal flute - all these instruments are wonderful, but they did not give the desired sound or even necessary meditative mood.

The instrument that got Eugene's attention was Chinese Dong-Xiao. However, at the end of 90's the internet was not nearly as popular as it is today, and there was no information about that flute or its makers. However, there was some information about Shakuhachi. After a couple of years of hesitation, Eugene ordered the instrument and began learning. Therefore, Shakuhachi happened in Eugene's life by accident, but it has been a wonderful experience since 2003.

Eugene has been blessed with great teachers, such as Mary Lu Brandwein, Masa Yoshizawa, Riley Lee, Bill Shozan Schultz, Kaoru Kakizakai and Peter Hill.

Besides Shakuhachi, Eugene is playing Native American flute, Anasazi, Duduk, Didgeridoo.

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