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White Woman Flutes

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My Name is Lynn Strand I am the owner/designer of White Woman Drums - making custom made Shaman style drums for about 10 years... In my early twenties I fell in love with a flute I saw on the TV series "Kung Fu" I know I just dated myself LOL and about a year ago I purchased my first NAF which lead to my total count of 14 so far of NAF (High Spirits, Harjo, and Three Leaf ), Bamboo transverse (Blue Dragon), Yokobue ( and Shakuhachi (M. Stevenson).

Although I am still am an amatuer "White Woman Flutes" is fast becoming a true vision with my heart and mind tuned to Bass/low key flutes finding so much inspiration in all the world's flute, that I am pushing out to compose my own pieces of music...

There is still a lot to learn and even more to share... Blessings to All who cross my path!

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