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I’m an NAF enthusiast hailing from the UK, which I've been playing for several years. I was gifted with my first flute around age 17 after developing an interest in Native American culture thanks to what remains one of my favourite films, Dances with Wolves. Whilst reading about the many facets of Native life, one day I came to the subject of music and by some happy chance discovered this wonderful instrument. I've played on and off for several years, at one point quitting completely, but a couple of years ago I got the flutie itch again and have rebuilt a small, treasured collection of flutes.

My only 'official' music experience comes from acoustic guitar lessons, taken during my teens. I found reading music and understanding the theory quite trying and after a few years quit taking lessons. I also dabbled with bass guitar for a while, but didn't stick with it. I enjoy the fact the NAF is so accessible to everyone (even us musical numpties!) and asides from enjoying improvising on the NAF, have also started transcribing some of my favourite pieces of my music from game and film soundtracks to play which I share on my website, as listed here on my profile. Somehow learning to read music again is a lot easier now I have more of an interest in it! :)

All my recordings are done via a lavalier mic attached to the block ties on my flutes, and the audio is then edited in Audacity. Again, I'm learning as I'm going along here, but am enjoying the journey and hope I'll show improvement over time.

Track Information
Rainstorm Meditation played on a low D in curly Cherry by Douglas Thunderhorse. Backing track thanks to
With Intent played on a mid A in curly cherry by Douglas Thunderhorse. All credit to Stephen DeRuby's excellent CD 'Rhythms to Accompany the Native Flute' for the backing track.
Forest Serenityplayed on a mid F# in maple by Kuzin Bruce, backing track thanks to
Dragonfly played on a mid G ember flute made by Craig Noss.
Voice from the Earth played on a low D in cedar made by Douglas Thunderhorse.
Double Whammy played on a mid F flute in cherry made by Douglas Thunderhorse.