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Craig Paterson

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My music is meant to be a space for being. I try not to ask to much of the listener, rather I hope to create an environment where the armor of every day life can be sloughed off to allow access to the inner knowing.

I have been fascinated with music since birth and have been playing music all of my life. Twelve years ago I became deeply aware of the restorative power of sound, and have devoted myself to the exploration and study of music as a healing tool. This has led me on a magical journey, studying ancient instruments from around the world including the didjeridu, african hand drums, mbira, and flutes.

I have had the honour of studying with many masters, and playing with many incredible musicians. I have played in many venues and settings including concerts, music festivals, retreats,ecstatic dance classes, ceremonies, and group and private sound healing sessions. My musical output has crossed the spectrum from crafting deep meditative soundscapes to rocking dance floors with wild tribal fusion music.

My journey with the Native American flute started when I heard a drone flute for the first time. The sound moved me in way that was so deep and profound it is difficult to describe. Hearing that sound opened something in my soul.

It wasn't long after that I decided to try to make a flute for myself. That has led to my becoming a full-time flutemaker, and to passionately creating the very best instruments infused with love and intention.

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Path of the Light Warrior
(released on May 05, 2009)