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David Spalding Sharp

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Dave Sharp plays Celtic Fute, Silver Flute, Whistle, Recorders, Mountain Dulcimer, Epinette, German Scheitholt, Tenor Banjo, Mandolin, Mandola, Cittern, Clawhammer Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle, Dance Caller, Storyteller, Puppeteer, Bodhran and sings tenor vocals. Dave has an extensive collection of world flutes that he plays. (Chinese Xaio, Dizi and Taipei Xaio, Japanese Shakuhachi and Shinobue, Cambodian and Thai Khloy, Vietnamese Sao Truc, Javanese Suling, Bulgarian Dvoyanka and Kaval, English Glastonbury Pipe, Alto Cortol, Hopi Flute, various Native American Plains Flutes, Bb Fife, Willow flute, Ohe Hano Ihu the Hawiian Nose Flute, EWI. Dave has played music with many ethnic groups from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and writes and composes music in a variety of styles. He enjoys researching and playing all kinds of ethnic and traditional tunes. He is also an animator/illustrator (network television for 16 years), Sculptor, commercial artist, instrument maker, draftsmen and woodcarver. Along with his wife Carol, Dave is a founding member of the group Idlewild and Glastonbury, that have played in festivals throughout our region for twenty years. Dave is also the Secretary and one time Business Agent for the American Federation of Musicians, Local 104 for the past thirteen years. Our recordings are available through Idlewild Recordings L L C.

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Mizuchi - River Dragon
(released on January 01, 2012)
The Moon and Seven Stars
(released on November 11, 2008)
Tavern on the Moor
(released on October 10, 2008)
The Cup of Gold
(released on May 05, 2008)
The Callinish Stones
(released on February 02, 2003)