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Lex Nichols

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My name is Lex Nichols. I was born and raised on the Southeastern plains of Colorado between the Cherokee and Santa Fe Trails. My home is located in a place that is rich in history. Growing up near Bent's Old Fort, the Santa Fe Trail, and the Sand Creek site allowed me a chance to relive the history of my homeland on a daily basis. I draw a lot of my music inspiration from this. As a child I would marvel at the sights and sounds of nature that surrounded me. At an early age my parents introduced me to music. I have been playing guitar for thirty three years now. I have ventured beyond traditional music to create my own style and sound. A few years ago I started playing the Native American flute and it wasn’t long before I was hooked. My goal and purpose is to create original melodies that can transcend boundaries. Deep, rich, soothing sounds that open doorways to places of being and oneness we share with all creation. I have combined my guitar playing and flute melodies with intent to transport the listener from the incredible vistas of the American Southwest to places of well-being. I am also a professional photographer whose passion is capturing lightning and the landscapes of the Southwest. My work has been featured in numerous prominent publications, more notably; Cowboys and Indians, Balloon Life, and Outdoor Photographer. I studied portrait and landscape photography through Professional Photographers of America. I channel my creativity and unencumber myself with mental constraints. I also exemplify the creative process and use my vision to create in several art forms. I am always creating something new and inspiring. My intent is to create something that I can share with the world. Perhaps it will find a place in you. With each new song comes new inspiration. My music is available on this website or through CD Baby,, and iTunes but is always best to buy direct from the artist. I hope my music brings you peace and joy.

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Into The Canyon
(released on May 05, 2013)
Ancestral Winds
(released on December 12, 2011)