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Mark Church

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2009 & 2012 Indian Summer
Music Awards

Mark E. Church

Was born & raised in Southern Wisconsin (Beloit & Janesville). He graduated from Beloit Memorial High School in Beloit, WI. Mark was a music student during his Middle & High School years but never really found his "niche" with any instrument he played.

Mark joined the Marines and served 20 years and traveled the country and world. He married his high school sweetheart Cindi and they raised three children (Richard, Laurie & Marcus).

Mark moved to the Phoenix, AZ area and drove tour bus throughout the southwest where he encountered the Native American Flute. He found himself mesmerized by it's simple construction and tranquil sound. It wasn't until four years after mark quit driving tours when he bought his first Native Flute from a vendor in Quartzsite, AZ (Where he lived). Since then, it's been a spiritual journey.

Mark recorded several CD's in his own home studio, but when his latest CD was released and submitted to the 2009 Indian Summer Music Awards, Mark was honored with a Nomination for the CD "Red Hand". He attended the 2009 festival and performed in the Artists' Showcase. Mark was extremely proud that several SM Members attended his performance.

Mark was not familiar with his heritage except for summer visits to the Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation during summer vacations. He recalls very fond memories of very proud and loving people. After he started playing the flute in 2003, he was envisioned with a love and respect for his heritage.

Mark has named his music company "Redfeather Rose Entertainment". Redfeather was his Father's tribal name, and Rosella was his Mother's name (Rose for short). He feels that this is a good way to honor their memories.

Mark coined the following phrase during one of his performances:

May The Ministry Of Music Bring Notes
Of Peace, Comfort & Joy
To Your Spirit

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