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Allen Bruce Ray

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Music has been a part of my life since childhood, bu I only picked up the Native American flute in March 2007. It's become my #1 passion! During the course of accumulating these wonderfully expressive instruments while living & working in Korea, I used to take them out to nearby tunnels to bathe in the glorious sound that resulted. Eventually, I began making videos & putting them on YouTube under the moniker "piri ajeoshi ("flute guy" in Korean). Now I'm happy to announce that my first CD is available. "Under Watchful Skies" represents the culmination of a year's efforts in selecting the right songs, recording & sometimes re-recording them, adding accompaniment, & refining the arrangements. The title was inspired by the unadulterated New Mexico sky photo that graces the cover, taken by me, which appears to closely resemble a large eye in the sky. The CD features not only the sumptuous sounds of 16 different Native American flutes but also those of a variety of other world instruments. I'd long wanted to incorporate Mellotron strings, flutes, and harp sounds into my music as well as 6 & 12-string guitars, so it was a pleasure to finally be able to do so. I also played Native American percussion in real-time and added lots of touches with a wide variety of World instrument samples. The project took shape while moving my residence several times over very large distances: South Korea to New Mexico to Ohio to New Mexico again & finally back to Ohio! Written after reflecting on both the end of a relationship & the death of my father, the emotional distances covered are also quite large. It was a long time coming, but I'm happy with the results & am pleased to present them to you now.

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Elegant Simplicity
(released on August 08, 2011)
Under Watchful Skies
(released on September 09, 2010)