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Spiritflute/John Popovich

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I stated playing flutes about 14 years ago I went to a Art and Wine Festival in Santa Cruz Ca. with my girlfreind at the time and saw a booth from High Spirits there selling flutes I picked one up and could play it , so I bought one and have been playing ever since. My songs come from within to me the spirit plays the flute I am only a conduit. I have since buoght several flutes including two double flutes and a bone wistle. I have two cd's one studio cd and the other is a jam session cd I did with a musician in Alaska by the name of Dan Baltrum a keyboard/guitarist that I got together every Sunday to jam at his house, this cd is the best tracks from those sessions. The studio cd is one I recorded at Madhouse Studios in Sunnyvale Ca. all tracks have drum and rattle played by me. I have no website but can be contacted at if interested in my playing for a gig or cd's.