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I'm just Pat; no disrespect to me, I simply don't look at my self as being anyone but me. I LOVE LIFE and I LOVE playing the Flute. I started playing in August 2008 with no music lessons and found the ease of creating the sound to be addictive.

I have a wonderful big family and love the people I have made ethernet contact with while playing the flute on youtube. Maybe I'm a bit weird but...that's just the way I roll; I'm a homebody who loves life the way I love life. I also love to ride my bike; I go out by myself and find a nice place to play the flute...and I'm in heaven. There are some very special people on the internet who play the flute and I can say I honestly love and care for them. I play Laughing Crow Flutes, Anasazi Flutes, Ocarinas and my armpits; Its all good. Lovin life the way I love it.

To all who shall see this comment greetings. You are special and I love you. No matter who you are; what color of skin, how thin, how heavy, how harry, how bald; no matter your eye color, the size of your nose; no matter how big or small your ears are...I love you! No matter the level of education you have, I love you. No matter if you desire the love of someone who is the same sex...I love you. No matter if you are of one Religion or another, I love you. Be you rich or poor, I love you. Be you healthy or dieing, I love you. I just Love you! God in heaven (if that's what you believe) I pray and believe´╗┐ one day this all will make sense and you will love me too. Peace-n-Love to all who witness this page and to all those who do not! I love you!

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