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Rae Denton & Paul Warren

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Rae is a self taught musician with a passion for World Flutes and Percussion. Her discovery of the Native American Flute has opened the world to new friends, places and Spirit. As a full time Hospice Nurse, she shares the joys and peaceful spaces of the sounds of this Creator given instrument with those she cares for.

Paul Warren is a clinical psychologist by day and a musician by night! His father was a drummer on the south side of Chicago during the Big Band Era who played with many musicians of that time. Paul inherited his father's love of music and began playing drums at age five. At age 15, when he realized that girls were more attracted to guitarists he became one.

In 2007, Rae and Paul met at a local musical event and discovered the magical pairing of Native American Flute with Acoustic Guitar.

Their CD, Sign of Things to Come, was honored with the 2009 ISMA Native Spirit Award.

Paul’s innate understanding of the needs and capacity of the Native American Flute allows him to lay down the foundation from which the Flute is allowed to sing the uninhibited songs of spirit, the songs that bring peace and joy to a troubled world.

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Sign of Things to Come
(released on August 08, 2008)