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Albert Tenaya

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I am one of the few descendants of Yosemite Valley's Chief Tenaya.
In 2000 I entered the DirecTV Talent Search and I took the first place honors and the trophy. I performed from Arizona to Idaho at various American Indian events, celebrations, powwows and gatherings.
I'm a Northern Style Traditional Dancer.
In 2002 at the Washington D.C. Smithonian Institutes Inaugural Powwow during the construction of The National Museum of the American Indian, I entered the Mens Northern Style Traditional Dance Competition and took the third place honors.
In 2004 I heard the call of my Ancestors to introduce the American Indian flute into my performances. In 2005 I came out with a C.D. of 21 tracts titled: "Medicine Water Flute Songs" which has received much success, and in 2008 I was picked up by "Ken Burns" of Florentine films for the use of that C.D. in his documentary. "The National Parks, America's Best Idea".
In 2009 Dr. Masuro Emoto the Crystal Water Scientist, also used the first track from the same C.D. titled, "Calling All Waters". My wife and I met with him in MT. Shasta in July at his water symposium, to view a film using my music, which morphed a crystal into colors...
It was so beautiful displaying green, blue, and pink. He takes his water syposium lectures around the world, showing how music impacts LIVE, water molecules. He said, that I was the first American Indian flute player he has used for his experiments.
In August of 2009, I was back in the studio recording my latest CD titled: "Living Water Flute Melodies".
A compilation of 21 soothing tracts using four different lower flute keys.
Which is receiving much positive feedback from my fans.

I look forward to seeing you at one of my performances.