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Denise Johanson

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Denise Johanson was originally trained as a classical violinist. She was given her first Native American flute by her sister Karla, a trained musician in the flute. Just 2.5 years later she recorded her first CD CAVE SPIRITS, an original inspired solo flute album.

Her training as a holistic healer has influenced her artistry as a musician. Just as she taps into the energetic flow of the body she also allows a transformation of her physical essence that becomes one with the flute.

Endowed with a rich multi cultural heritage, there is a powerful synergistic force that touches her music in a unique way.

This life path is a corner stone in creating the soothing and elevating melodies, the virtuosity of the performance, and the immediacy of the listening experience you hear today. Denise, through the Native American Flute brings her own unique voice at once both ethereal and articulate, it almost seems as if the flute itself is whispering to us.

Denise’s public performance Debut was at the Hualapai Indian Reservation in the Grand Canyon’s Native American cultural performance Center. She is a frequent public performer at various venues including the Arlington West Memorial a Veterans for Peace event, United Indian Involvement as well as various Pow Wow’s in the Los angeles area. Her music is also featured in the movie ‘Soul Dance’.

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(released on October 10, 2009)