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When you hear Jeff Ball play the Native American courting flute...the solemn beauty of it is inescapable. Jeff Ball, calling the Washington DC area his home, started out as a soloist, but through the writing and recording collaborations he ended up with a band.

The current incarnation of the band has in a way been in the making for some 15 years. The musicians have known each other through the very diverse local music scene in the Washington area...supporting each others' endeavors in the past...crossing paths along the way in the studio, at clubs, and festivals. All have released their own works separately in different genres. They have ended up together, feeling compelled to collaborate with a distinctive energy blending their musical styles into a near mystical sound.

Greg Dillon plays guitar, Randy Ball handles the bass and synth pads, and N.Scott Robinson plays percussion. The players borrow inspiration from a myriad of musical backgrounds. You will hear the distant influence of Pink Floyd or detect a fleeting moment that leaves you thinking Zeppelin. With a range of influences from Bela Fleck/Martin Medeski & RadioHead/Peter Gabriel...

The band, (simply deciding to use their flautist/front man's name)...wanted to build a tasteful bridge between the tonal emotions and spiritual melodies projected by this ancient instrument and the modern world of more contemporary style. By exploring the boundaries of the instrument...they have done just that without forsaking the haunting, stilling, sound of the flute as the focus of the orchestration.

As for his personal inspiration for playing an instrument that few in the western world have become acquainted with...Jeff looks to known masters like John Ranier Jr., R. Carlos Nakai and Douglas Spotted Eagle. His hope was to incorporate the elements of what he liked best in their styles so that he could produce a style that he felt was unique to his playing.

NOTE: In addition to several other songs, I posted a recording of World Keeps Movin'. I choose to do this because I believe it offers a neat behind-the-scene look at how a song develops. The track opens with talking between myself and guitarist Greg. He had sent Randy and I files for several new songs and had changed this title from No Name to World Keeps Moving. Bassman Randy is noodling in the background as we talk. This recording is the first time we played the'll hear Greg calling out the changes as we go. I am playing on of Geoffrey's mid B flutes and I can't wait to hear what the song becomes by the time we release it.

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Ghost Town
(released on April 04, 2009)
The Shape Of Light
(released on April 04, 2007)
Return To Balance
(released on August 08, 2005)
Songs Of Winter
(released on November 11, 2003)
Prairie Runner
(released on August 08, 2002)
Cedar Moon
(released on September 09, 2001)
(released on January 01, 2000)
(released on November 11, 1999)