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Patrick Springer

Patrick Springer is originally from Chatham, Illinois and has lived in various areas of the country including Sierra Vista, AZ, Arlington, VA and for the last 30+ years in Connecticut. Patricks bloodline consists of German and Native American (Choctaw). His travels around the country have given him a wide perspective of various types of music, especially Native American music. For many years Patrick played the trumpet and later played guitar in rock and blues bands, but being part Native American, he always found the haunting sound of the Native American flute to be very relaxing and soothing and knew it was an instrument he had to learn. Once he purchased his first Native American style flute, he felt a true connection with it and thus his new journey began. Patrick enjoys playing the Native American flute solo, as it gives him the opportunity to improvise and better learn this ancient instrument. His music does not come from sheet music, but rather from his heart and soul.