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Andrea Matthews

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Andrea Matthews is a non-Native, classically trained flutist who resides in the Pacific Northwest. Possessing a strong appreciation for the rewards of travel, she and her husband have explored much of the United States by VW bus. Her love of the Native American flute began on an early spring day when she picked up one of the wooden instruments at a small shop in Cottonwood, Arizona as they began a circle trip through the Four Corners states of Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.

In her zeal for Native American flute, Andrea composed and published a collection of musical pieces called "Four Corners - Native flute tunes inspired by the American Southwest." Her live performances of these 24 pieces resulted in requests by audience members for lessons on the instrument. Her instruction book "Releasing Your Inner Kokopelli" was written to assist students who share Andrea's passion for the Native American flute. A second CD, "New Pathways," extends Andrea's musical impressions from coast to coast.

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New Pathways
(released on November 11, 2007)
Four Corners
(released on June 06, 2003)