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Jim Cook

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I’ve been writing and recording my own music in many styles for a long time now. Having played guitar and other instruments for 25+ years before playing the Native American style flute it was a natural transition from improvising melodies to what is called in the flute world “playing from the heart”.

How the flutes entered my life goes like this… A dear friend of mine’s mother who was on vacation in the Ozarks had an accident and wound up in a small hospital near there. While recuperating in the hospital she heard the sounds of a flute being played by a minister who would walk the halls and visit the patients. The sound had such a positive effect on the mother that my friend found out what the instrument was and decided to get a hold of one and learn to play it for her even though she had never played an instrument before. A couple months later, after hearing this story, there was a festival in my town where I happened upon these same style flutes in a store that had just opened up. I picked one up and found that it was easy for me to play and loved the sound and possibilities that were present in this little stick with holes in it. My intention was to learn how to play it to be able to teach my friend, but as things go, I’ve not had the chance yet.
But maybe someday…

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Bluest moon
(released on December 12, 2009)
Moonlight serenade
(released on April 04, 2008)
The heart of all things
(released on April 04, 2007)
(released on June 06, 2006)