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    wanbli wiwoope

    You know, I listen to very little contemporary Native style flute stuff, it just does not resonate with me. BUT…

    someone sent me this video, and I watched it, because they asked me to critique the playing, if it was “tradish” or not…

    I say it is, it is Traditional to the Player. You know, so much is being pushed up against the seeming need to have a continuum of provenance with these Flutes. hey, there is no continuum. There was a stop, and now a beginning of a start. That being said, even the way these flutes are being made, with the new “Woodlands Style”, shich I would more accurately call “Woodworking Style”, as it comes from having 2 halves of squared wood to work, therefore leaving a raised bird’s nest when ran through the router table, whereas “Plains Style” has a recessed nest because why? That’s right, made from natural wood, not Woodworking wood. Anyway, there aint good/bad, there just is… Roots. I can hear this guy’s Roots, and really felt for his Song when I heard this video. makes me wish we could gather, as Fluteplayers, and let things revolve a little…
    Watch this short Video.

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