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    Keith Glowka

    We are in for two comets next year that should both fall into the category of Great Comets. The first will be in mid-March. If it holds together on its grazing of the sun, it could be as beautiful as Hale-Bopp was. That one, however, is a mere piker compared to the one that we will see next autumn in the northern hemisphere. That comet may very well be visible during the day!!! If it lives up to expectations, it will be the best comet since 1680. The earlier one is Comet C/2011 L4 (PanSTARRS). The subsequent big-mammma-jammma is Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON). Don’t you reckon that they need to work on those names a little bit? 😆 😆

    Anyway, I’ve upgraded my astrophotography gear fo’ shizzle!!! I’ve photographed three of these stellar apparitions, with 1997’s Hale-Bopp being the best (see photo). These are going to be real treats! Folks, these will be “naked eye” wonders. Get some binoculars, and they’ll blow your socks off!

    Just to wet your whistles, here’s a link to a good article about the bigger one, “Comet ISON”:


    The press is really fickle about early coverage of this sort of thing, so I wanted ya’ll to be aware on the early side. If you want hints on easily taking some good photos, just PM me. However, you’ll have to dig out your old 35mm cameras (standard lenses…not telephoto…no digital gear either). Aaahhhh, old school picture shooting! :rolleyes:

    Eyes Skyward,

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