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Our regular meeting place is: Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church • 7121 Bee Cave Road, Austin TX 78746 —Other "live" workshops, appearances, dates, and locations will be announced on our electronic media pages: http://www.lonestarflutecircle.com/ h, TX, United States of America

The Lone Star Flute Circle (Austin Texas)

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A Native American Flute/World Flute Community Circle serving the Austin/Central Texas area. Always Free and Open to the Public!

—The Lone Star Flute Circle is the answer to anyone living in the Central Texas area who plays, or would like to learn how to play, the Native American style flute, or has a love or respect for American Indian music, culture, and art. "Flute Circles" exist throughout the United States (and abroad) and provide a social atmosphere for people interested in Native American & World flutes--but not restricted to flutes... drums, guitars (even iPhone apps) are welcome! We love anything that lets your soul express music.

The Lone Star Flute Circle serves the Austin/Central Texas area. Our members range from musicians, flute makers, & artists, to collectors and historians, from the novice beginner to accomplished recording artists. In fact, we have helped to bring several internationally-known acts to Austin! Many of the Native American flutes in our member's personal collections are either directly inspired by, or in some cases are, early historic flutes found throughout North America. Today's skilled wood-craftspeople have taken tradition to a whole new level by combining state-of-the-art technology with raw talent and craftsmanship to create some of the most beautiful sounding (and looking) instruments ever made. Though we don't sell flutes directly, we can introduce you to those who do. Well-made, concert-tuned wood flutes can be purchased for as little as $50 and are surprisingly easy to play. You'll be playing your soul's music before you know it—and we can help you do that! As with all of our fellow flute circles, we are multicultural and open to the public, and we LOVE to see NEW FACES! And of course, we always welcome our friends from other circles to join us too!

By "join us" we simply mean "come spend the day with us". We meet regularly on the First Saturday of each month (Our NEW meetup time will on the First Sat. of each month beginning March 3, 2012). Occasionally we will meet at various local Austin hot-spots, such as Zilker Botanical Garden, and John Dromgoole's The Natural Gardener, to provide free concerts for the public. Such concerts are open-mic for our members and visiting guests! Locations and times will be announced at our various e-media outlets. If you've ever been interested in learning about the Native American flute but didn't know where to go, come join us! There will be snacks & drinks, or feel free to bring your own. There is always an open-mic (with reverb/delay) and a comfortable atmosphere so people can share their latest music without fear of being judged. By the way, you don't have to be a musician. Non-playing spouses, family members, and friends are always welcome! We are ALL a family united in our love for all things native to America, especially the peaceful and "haunting" sound of our Nation's very first woodwind. We hope to see you soon....

~ Blessings, on behalf of The Lone Star Flute Circle, Daniel G. Benes; Facebook Page & Website e-media guru and active member.

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