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Meets the first Tuesday the month in the Meeting Room at the HWA GeoSciences Building 21312 30th Drive SE, Suite 110 Bothell, WA 98021 , WA, United States

One Heart Flute Circle

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Merry Axtell
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One Heart Flute Circle is a participant and supporter of The Washington Flute Circle (waflutecircle.com) and the Flute Quest.

Our participants are at all levels of playing skills from the beginner through the more advanced and offer encouragement, fellowship, and shared knowledge in a fun environment. A music background is not necessary nor do you have to already know how to play the Native American Flute to join our Flute Circle.
Since we play native American style flute, it is also, as accompaniment to the flute playing, fine to bring a hand drum (or two), rattles, and other rhythm instruments that you may enjoy participating with, since they are always a nice complement to the flute playing.