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Released on May 05, 2008

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Ancient Dreams
by Wolfs Robe

Who were these Ancient People of the South West such as the Mogollon, Senagwa & the Ancestral Pueblos? They left us so many gifts and yet so many mysteries. Wolfs Robe is proud to offer his 2008 recording “Ancient Dreams “.The Legacy of the Ancient Dreams come alive today through the people of the Hopi, Apache & Pueblo to name a few . We can also visit places like Montezuma Castle National Monument AZ, Petrified Forest National Park AZ, Petroglyph National Monument NM and Chaco Canyon National Park NM. Imagine stepping back in time as you listen to the haunting sounds of the Native American flute with Wolfs Robe as your guide. You will hear replica flutes from the Ancestral Pueblo (Anisazi) people, a bone flute from the 300 A.D. to 600 A.D. period and an actual antique river cane flute from the 1700’s. This recording was created by Wolfs Robe to honor these Ancient Peoples of the South West so that their Spirit may continue to teach and guide us. May they never be forgotten.

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