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Released on November 11, 2006

by Twohawks

“CHANGES” pushes the boundaries of Native American flute music with his unique, unmistakable, style.
The wonderful flute music of Twohawks takes the listener on a deeply comforting journey of spirit that transports you to another time and place. Twohawks and Ancient Fire have brought a variety of world instruments together on this album that give it a style and sound all its own. Charlie Myers plays the Australian didgeridoo as well as the African Djembe as Twohawks warms things up with a variety of Native American Flutes. Twohawks also plays the Gourd rattle, Tibetan Singing bowls the Wolf Howler or Bull Roarer along with the Eagle Bone whistle and the haunting sound of the death whistle creating a mystical feel to the album. Brad Larpenter brings the Irish flutes to the C/D, Stacie LaCour with her beautiful voice, Harold Cowart playing the piano and Paul Kauk on the keyboard round out this very nicely done C/D.

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