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Released on December 12, 2005

Sends A Voice
by Twohawks

According to Dan Rickets "Noisy Bear" C/D review writer for "Voice of the Winds Magazine"
The CD is well done the recording, production, and finished product. It contains a pleasing variety of songs old and new. The percussive elements throughout are very professionally done. The flute playing is pleasant, with good intonation and tons of feeling. Most of our readers will find something to like on this Album.

Track one "Drums of Fire": The first track opens with a pulsating beat of the drum and synthesizer. The flute line soars with various flutters, barks, and over blows. The song has a very contemporary feel and the flute carries us along on a rhythmic almost mesmerizing line.

Track 2" Silent Streams" This track opens with solo flute then is joined by the heartbeat of a large drum, reminiscent of the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The flute line is carried along by the rhythmic percussive pulse and has some very well executed note bends. The track has a very traditional feel about it.

Track 3 "Sends a Voice" It has a very catchy tune with upbeat percussive elements and a solid bass foundation. The melody is very happy and it resolves with an orchestral ending. Again this is another piece with a very modern contemporary and upbeat feel.

track 4 "Canyon Rains": Opening with claps of thunder against a flute solo and the chant of the human voice and the call of the crow. This dreamy piece is carried along with a very pleasing percussive foundation. Another track with a very traditional sound and appeal

Track 6 "All My Relations": This might be the most contemporary track and features a very fluid upbeat flute melody accompanied by Didgeridoo and Djembe played by Charlie “Crow Dog” Myers. This is one of the favorite tracks of the author and is definitely one you can tap your toe to. The Didgeridoo accompaniment is a favorite section of this track and is executed brilliantly by Charlie Myers.

Track 8 "Dreams": The intended feeling the composer hopes his listeners will have is a sense of being in "those dream canyons of your mind". It is the favorite track of the artist. Again the percussive elements of Charlie Myers make the song and drives it along. The synthesizer creates a feeling of dreamland. The last thing you hear as the track comes to a close is the" gasp of breath as you awakened from the dream "startled"

Trask 11 "Bear Hawk", this piece has a catchy melodic flute line embellished with synthesizer and percussion, drums, and bells. Listen around the 1:56 mark for the flutter of the hawk taking off and at the end of the track the growl of a bear.

Track 13 "Evening Thunder": This is an old Comanche Hymn that Twohawks has redone. He learned it from a Kiowa/Comanche woman and has sung it to his grandchildren as a lullaby. The words sung here are a derivation of the original song but is the way he was taught it. In preparing for the CD he decided to call the Kiowa nation who had no one who recognized the words or song. He then contacted the Comanche nation and spoke to a linguist. He recognized the words and after an exhaustive search found the song in an old hymnal. The song talks about walking the earth with Jesus in a good way. Hear again is the sound of the traditional juxtaposition among track of a more contemporary nature.

Track 14 "Me'tis (we are what we were)". This is the old hymn Just as I am. Twohawks voices over the flute his feelings about his ancestors and his family. There is a nice voice line of chanting/singing giving it a very traditional feel once again. A tribute to his children and grandchildren and the Metis people.

This album is produced by Harold Cowart of John Fred and the Playboys and Judy in Disguise fame. Harold has played with the Bee-Gee's Kenny Rogers, and Dolly Parton (Islands in the Stream) as well as many other world famous musicians. Harold is a member of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame and owns and operates Bluff Road Recording Studio. Twohawks and Harold developed a relationship that has continued on even after the recording of this album. They continue to be friends and are currently working together on a second CD to be released sometime in 2006.
This CD Sends a Voice was engineered by Paul Kauk a wonderful guy with a ear for putting the correct sound in just the right place. The work of Twohawks, Harold, and Paul all working together on this CD is what has made this the most unforgetable Album you will have in your collection.

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