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Released on August 08, 2005

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Return To Balance A Climbers Journey (DVD & Blueray)
by The Jeff Ball Band

Return to Balance- A Climber's Journey, is a deeply stirring, visual and emotional experience, combining the rare talents of world-class rock climber, Ron Kauk, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Sterling Johnson, and the musically gifted Jeff Ball Ensemble.

Return to Balance examines the life of Yosemite legend Ron Kauk, who, through imagery and soft-spoken narration, shares insights and stories of his life of climbing in Yosemite as he strives, in his own ingenuous way, to awaken us to our connection with nature & our responsibility to preserve it.

Commentary track by Sterling Johnson & Ron Kauk, and music by the Jeff Ball Ensemble. Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Running Time: 51 min.

"RETURN TO BALANCE" was honored with special screenings at MountainFilm in Telluride Colorado and Skywalker Ranch in California. The film was recently featured at the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival in Nevada City, and was honored with "The People's Choice Award." “Return To Balance” was also presented on opening night at “Filmfestival/Graz in Graz, Austria. .

The director/cinematographer and editor is Emmy Award-winner Sterling Johnson, therefore promising to bring to the screen another incredibly beautiful experience, both for the eyes and for the soul.

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