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Released on January 01, 2000


by The Jeff Ball Band

On the back cover of Windtamer, Jeff Ball writes that his "Native American heritage is limited to...a distant ancestor." Despite that limitation, he has developed some stature as a performer in Native American communities in the eastern U.S. Windtamer is pseudo-documentation of his performances at their powwows. The CD features Ball on "American Indian Cedar Flute and Percussion," Sennen Quigley on synthesizer, Dr. Red Hawk's spoken word, and the Cedar Creek Singers on vocals and chants. They combine their talents to create a marvelous atmospheric rendering of the ceremonial music. Ball's sensitive touch treats the material with respect and dignity.

NOTE: I am actually related to the great Piscataway chief Kittamaquund, also known as "Big Beaver." My relation does not make me native but did spark my interest in the flute. The relation is on my mother's side and was well documented by the Catholic church since he, and several others of the Potomac tribe, were baptized in 1642.

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