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Released on February 02, 2009

Wild Threads
by Terry Mack and Wind Weaver

Wild Threads original music by Wind Weaver is a tapestry of musical flavours.An elemental fusion of the magical sounds of Native American Style Flutewith the warmth and depth of the acoustic guitar weaves a web drawing you into
the spirit of each song.

The solo flute dances atop the waves of
guitar rhythms creating a shimmering reflection
of sound breathing its way into song.

In Wild Threads, Native American Flute Player,
Terry Mack stretches beyond the traditional
style of playing while honoring the spirit
in which the flute is meant to be played.

Paul Bezooyen, guitar and djembe player,
listens deeply to the world around him
translating he spirit of what he hears into
beauty on the simple metal strings of an acoustic guitar

Together, Wind Weaver knit together songs
that flow from heart and soul.

Wind Weaver, (Terry Mack and Paul Bezooyen) reside on beautiful, Vancouver Island, where inspiration for their music is found in the trees, on the ocean breeze and in the raw beauty that abounds there.

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