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Released on October 10, 2009

by Denise Johanson

From the first intake of breath that can be heard at the opening of CAVE SPIRITS to the final resonant note, Denise Johanson delivers a sublime performance of original solo music on the Native American flute.

There is a pure artistry of the recording --- the soothing and elevating melodies, the virtuosity of the performance, and the immediacy of the listening experience. Only the sound of the flute is heard, and yet Denise succeeds in giving the instrument its own unique voice, ethereal and articulate, as if the flute itself is whispering to us

1 Missing Wolf
2 Bird Dance
3 Womb of Mother Earth
4 Finding Meaning
5 Cave Spirits
6 Pathway Home
7 Just Breathe
8 Heart Lake
9 Ki
10 Pow Wow
11 Missing Wolf (reprise)

approx. running time 45 mins.

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