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Released on August 08, 2009

by Carl F Perry

"WE REMEMBER"( May 2009) is a story told through my spiritual breath into the Native American style flute connecting with the spiritual soul of my son, Jeff Perry, as expressed through his background music. Our souls have connected to tell this story:

1 SPIRITLAND: home of "The Great Spirit".
2 SUNSET: The beautiful sunsets after the beautiful "songs" of each day
3 NIGHT TALK: sharing our souls with the great spirits of Nature.
4 A TIME OF PEACE: Sharing all things on loan from Mother Earth.
5 GET READY: Things are about to change.
6 PONY EXPRESS: The intrusion of the new settlements
7 THOSE TRAINS: The expansion of the Railroad System
8 THEY KEEP COMING: Vast settlements and "claims" to the land
9 SOLDIERS: The killing of our brothers and sisters
10 TRIBUTE: What have we done?
11 WE REMEMBER: Let us never forget again that we are one
12 OUR PRAYER: Oh Great Spirit help us remember

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