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Released on December 12, 2016

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Full Circle
by Stephen Cumberworth

With his third original album appearing after several years away from recording, Stephen Cumberworth has come "full circle" to deliver a new collection of the kind of original, creatively inspired instrumental music that he does best: meditative flute solos, avant garde genre fusion, emotionally driven multi-instrument pieces, etc. Featuring Stephen's performance on Native American flute, other world flutes, percussion, and more, this album includes some of his best and most unique work yet!

Unlike many of the albums out there that are focused on the Native American flute, this one is refreshingly free of cheesy "nature" sounds, corny synthesizers, and new-age pretentions. You can still listen to it while doing yoga, but it's a bit more unique than most; so, take a journey through a myriad of musical moods, mysteries, and memories, then bring it 'round full circle for another listen!

All original compositions and performances, as well as album artwork/photography (except where otherwise noted), by Stephen Cumberworth, ©2016 Dragon Flute Studios.

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