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Released on April 04, 2015

Kokopelli Yoga
by Ron Bracale

Kokopelli’s flute of mystical love with the drone of the art of sacred union.

Kokopelli’s Flute (also called an Ancient Pueblo, Anasazi, or Chaco Canyon flute) is a brilliant design which lends itself to a great variety of tonal expression. It is also a modern evolutionary form of flute in that the refinements of machining and the design of the blowing edge have been applied to the basic design of the ancient archeological relics. Kokopelli Yoga explores some of the vast capabilities of this exquisite new instrument with deep ancient connections.

Kokopelli Yoga is played with a Tanpura drone from the tradition of India. In playing with a drone I am playing with pure or just intonation as all ancient peoples would have. Equal temperament is a modern mode of intonation that has been prevalent for the last century, and while allowing modern keyboards and jazz, it also loses some of the purity and emotion which pure intonation can express.

All songs were played on an Earth Tone flute with a root note in A made from curly redwood, though I used raga to inform my playing in many different modes. I hope that the colorful expression and the versatile modal tonalities excite and satisfy your musical palate and deepen your appreciation for this amazing flute design. I also hope that you sense the deeply mystical and healing nature of this music. Please feel it as music of the human spirit, letting the intellect step aside to sense the connection of the Sentient Universe.

Kokopelli’s flute is the flute of love and generative creative energy. This music is great for doing Yoga, Chi Gong, or Tai Chi where you are generating the vital waters of life, prana or chi, for a long and health productive life. It is also excellent music for creative endeavors, whether that is a work of art, writing, or some new computer app. Through the receptivity of the sound flowing into your being, the expression of your spirit may be stimulated into true creativity. When doing energy work your creative spirit may calm out and allow the experience of that which is beyond words, the divine and mysterious essence. Peace and Love. Ron

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