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Released on June 06, 2015

How to Fly
by Ed Koban

Ed Koban's debut release How to Fly is a collection of songs that expose a musician whose emotions and soul are on display in the form of 12 tracks that give a view into a unique artists essence.
Recorded from July through December of 2014. The support and encouragement from around the world for this innovative artist to bring his music to the masses has been humbling and inspiring.
From the African inspired Eastern Creek, to the haunting acapella flute of Song for Troy, to the powerful reworking of the Ten Years After classic I'd Love to Change the World, or the rocking title track, How to Fly is an album that defies categories and genre. It's snapshot into the heart and soul of an artist who let's the listener decide what the music means to them.

The music on this CD was inspired by so many people, places, events, and emotions, that I can't even explain with words. It's a liberating feeling to expose parts of yourself through music. The support and encouragement I have received along the way has made it a rewarding experience in way's I was not expecting. The musicians who I was fortunate enough to have join me on this record were a vital part of it's sound and it would not be the same work with out them. I hope that people respond to it and find something in it that connects it to them in their own way. That, to me is what makes music magic. - Ed Koban

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