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Released on September 09, 2013

Discovering Eden
by Terry Mack and Wind Weaver

Life is not one journey but a series of many experiences in which we continually uncover new mysteries, challenge our thinking, look for meaning, pursue happiness and find places and spaces that offer us moments of inspiration, peace, delight and serenity. The journey is filled with curiosity, introspection, pain, joy, wonder and so much more.

In Discovering Eden, Wind Weaver captures the essence of this journey; taking you on a mystical, musical tour.
Looking upward to the heavens we are amazed at the vastness of the universe.
In moments of quiet introspection, looking inward you may discover deep connections and understandings that unfold only when solitary moments give you time and space to breathe and be.

Artists Statement
Playing the flute is a very magical experience for me. Over the years, I have grown into a deeper connection with the flutes, the beautiful sounds they create I have begun to think of creating a piece of music like sculpting waves of sound. It is a very organic process in which the spirit of the flute, the maker, the player and the wood connect in an almost mystical way to allow the flute to sing its sounds from a very beautiful place and space.

Terry Mack discovered a natural gift for music when she received her First Native American Style flute for Christmas in 2005. The sound of these flutes had been calling her for years and the moment one was placed in her hands she knew she had found an instrument that spoke to her heart.

When the creative genius that is acoustic guitar artist, Paul Bezooyen meets the free spirited and mystical sound of Terry Mack playing the Native American flute, a mesmerizing sound emerges. Terry plays melodies and songs as if she is the voice of the wind, and Paul who has fingers that almost extend to be part of the guitar strings, weaves a musical background elegantly blending with the flute.

There are two releases for this CD; one is the CD only and the other is a limited edition with a DVD of beautiful images set to 5 of the songs from the CD and includes the CD as well.

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