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Released on August 08, 2013

Mystic Love
by Ron Bracale

Live Shakuhachi bamboo flute with a Tanpura drone through a digital delay to transmit a spontaneous expression of Mystical Love to caress your Energy Body.

Ron Bracale recorded each song on Mystic Love as a single stereo track, playing Shakuhachi bamboo flute into two microphones with a digital delay (Lexicon MPX 100) and a digital Tanpura drone (Raagini) in the background. Mastering was done at Cyberian Studios by David Andre with equalization to balance the tracks and minimal compression and reverb. There is no synthesizer, phase shifter, flanger, or other modulation: you are hearing echoed flute with a drone in the background. This music represents Ron’s live solo energy and every attempt was made to keep it pure.

There was no ego involved in playing these songs: they are a spontaneous expression of Mystic Love. All songs are improvisations and are unique and free. This music is a collection of meditations played from the heart, not the mind, and embraces pure tones, equal tones, overtones, bends, and dissonance.

Nature continually cycles between day and night, calm and stormy weather, and around the seasons. Mystic Love continually changes and morphs dancing like the natural elements. The energies of the songs in Mystic Love fluctuate like natural sound: dancing between melodic, ambient, and abstract.

Relax, get comfortable, and feel the energy conveyed.

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