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Released on November 11, 2013

by Cornell Kinderknecht

The flowing melodies and subtle harmonies of Cornell Kinderknecht's flutes, reeds and keyboards blend with the moving rhythms of Martin McCall's drums and percussion to take you to a place where all things are possible -- a place where you can be at peace while feeling energized -- a place of mystique and ceremony -- a place of fantasy where you can play and let your imagination run free . . .

Dreamtime is currently a nominee in two categories at the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards: The album is nominated for New Age Album and the song "Solitude" is nominated for New Age Song.

Dreamtime was named Best New Age Album of 2013 and the song "Orion" named in the top 100 for 2013 by Phil Maq, Producer, Host, Blogger - WHFR-FM

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