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Released on May 05, 2013

Into The Canyon
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Into The Canyon
by Lex Nichols

Soothing soundscapes with acoustic guitar, songs of the Native American flute, and the healing sounds of nature.
Come along on a musical journey and experience the inner most canyons of the Southwest. There is a feeling of freedom and peace when you are standing at the rim. As you gaze into the soul of the earth you begin to realize how small you really are compared to the massive ravines carved into the earth's surface. Marvel at the views and energy around you as you embark on this musical excursion. The journey begins at Toroweap on the North Rim. Enjoy the breath taking views as you look down on the Colorado River, then travel onward to the inner most canyons of Zion and Bryce Canyon. As you journey through the splendor of the Southwest enjoy the songs of the Native America flute and the healing sounds of nature. Join me as we go Into the Canyon.

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