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Released on October 10, 2012

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by Stephen Cumberworth

Released three years after his first "Songkeeper" album, Stephen Cumberworth's second original CD, "Guardian," is a more personal and introspective collection of songs featuring the Native American flute, Irish flute, and others. Largely comprised of emotional ad-libbed flute solos and duets, as well as mysterious rhythmic tunes, "Guardian" fuses Stephen's unique playing style and tendency to delve into other genres with his desire to cultivate a sense of his own character within his music. "Guardian" is a call to preserve and protect that special freedom of the spirit and the mind that makes each one of us unique.

The sounds of this CD include Stephen's performances on various Native American flutes, on Irish flute, bamboo flute, "quenajave," and Korean fife, as well as on bodhrán, harmonica, and vocals. Each track is an original composition by Stephen, except for #10 ("Marching Home Again"), which is an original arrangement of a traditional tune. Track #4 ("First Kiss") is comprised of the very first notes ever played by Stephen on a beautiful new flute that was gifted to him by a beautiful person.

All original compositions, arrangements, and performances, as well as album artwork/photography, by Stephen Cumberworth, are ©2012 Dragon Flute Studios. Angelic laughter appears courtesy of Gabriel Santorelli.

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