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Released on February 02, 2012

Wahpe Teca-New Leaf
by Wanbli WiWoope

Recorded in a cave near Lame Deer, Montana in February 2012. A Fresh New Sound. A Real Sound. Red Blues from Wanbli WiWoope. New Leaf is History in the Making.

After living the Winter in their Tipi, among the Coyote, Chickadee, Horses, Foxes, and even Mountain Lions and Bears, Wanbli WiWoope expresses true Essence of Commonstanding.

A Must for anyone who “Has Ears”

“The reason I have gathered these songs together like this is not because I am the greatest singer. It is not even that I am the greatest Siyotanka player. It is that I am a Lakota Wicasa, a Man who has went through what a Man must go through, according to Lakol Wicohan Ki, the Ancient Lifeway of the Lakota Nation.

This is what we do. I often recalled my Elder, Buckshot Knight, as how he sings in Oinikagapi, or how my Uncle Aaron really tells a story in his song, through the sound of his voice. I simply did my duty as a Wicasa, to “send my voice”.

Therefore, I put my voice out there, as I have been taught by my Relatives, so that my Relatives can hear my voice, and then know me. I have learned to do this simply by being among my People. In the Inipi, during the Sundance, even during hard times or bad times, our Ways show through. Our cadence, metre, way of thought, way of talking and singing, even walking or standing, shows through. This is what I share in these songs. I tell my True Story here. This is important to know, and “those with ears” do know. I have heard from Brothers and Sisters from around the world, and our website shows that although “Native Flute Music” like mine will never appeal to a mass audience, it surely does appeal to a wide audience. Already, just days after quietly releasing “Wahpe Teca-New Leaf” we have had visitors from Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, China, Latvia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Iran, Brazil, Kuwait, India, Taiwan, Great Britain, Thailand, Turkey, Denmark, Germany, France, Indonesia, Japan, Estonia, Czech Republic, South Korea, Colombia, Italy, Canada, as well as 24 states. Why? Listen. The answer is within the Truth of the Sound. The “Simple Elegance” of Authenticity.”——-Wanbli WiWoope.

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