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Released on July 07, 2008

Red Hand - 2009 Indian Summer Music Awards Nominee
by Mark Church

2009 ISMA Nominee ! !

Let Mark (Quail Spirit) enchant you with his own stylings of Native American Flute Music on this lastest of his Compact Discs...."RED HAND".

Mark has gathered some of his favorite Old Compositions from his past CD's and mixed them with some New Compositions.

He has included a Poem written and Recited by Mohican Elder Robert 'Standing Eagle Plume' Jacobs. Roberts poems are Gems searching for the right Settings. You can be sure that Mark will use more of Robert's Writings in the future.

Track #7 "Neoma (Red Tail Hawk) was performed on a flute created by Master Award Winning Flute Maker Douglas 'Thunder Horse' Goldsmith. This song was named in honor of the flute created & given this name by Douglas. When Douglas heard this song for the first time, He had the following to say:

"My friend, .........Neoma sounds wonderful. There is a certain grace in the voice of that flute, a certain sense of dignity and respect. To hear her played by one with such a pure spirit really is an honor. In fact, each time one of my flutes finds its way into your hands I feel so blessed and honored. I know that they will sing with sincerety.......

See you in the wind, Douglas"

May the Ministry of Music Bring Notes Of Comfort, Joy & Peace To Your Spirit.

Safe Journeys

Mark (Quail Spirit) Church

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