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Released on December 12, 2009

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Only Natural
by Stephen Cumberworth

The songkeeper is one who weaves a mythology with music and voice, expressing his character and his world through the art and power of song. "Only Natural" is a musical exploration of that sort, taking listeners across a diverse landscape, incorporating the enchanting sound of the Native American flute into a myriad of genres, tempos, and emotions. This is a story of one man's search for inspiration from the wildness within.

For "Only Natural," Stephen has taken his playing to an innovative level in this compilation of improvised instrumentation. With these original compositions, along with the incredible hang drum talent of Philadelphia percussionist Dante Bucci on the song "Reminiscence," this album will take you on a wild journey indeed!

Stephen contributes all Native American flutes, vocals, and percussion (except on "Reminiscence"), guitar, "didgeritube," conch shell, bullroarer, antelope horn flute, shakuhachi, trumpet, and bagpipe chanter.

Dante Bucci provides the original song concept and beautiful hang drum sounds for "Reminiscence," which were recorded at Ndugu Studios in Philadelphia, PA, and are included here courtesy of Ufo Tunes (ASCAP).

The lyrics for "Sleep Well, My Darling" were written by Megan Duke, and are used with her permission.

Finally, that wonderful artwork was painted and gifted to Stephen by the talented Kayti "Kyohti" Quillen.

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